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We love to encourage and support those businesses that are making a positive impact on the community and the environment.

If you would like to become a SO Shire business, please contact us.


SO Shire works with local businesses to provide supplier information of environmentally friendly products and services, from replacing plastic straws to composting.

SO Shire businesses:

  • encourage the elimination of single use plastic straws

  • encourage and promote reusable coffee cups and reusable coffee cup initiatives

  • accept and encourage 'bring your own' takeaway containers and cutlery

  • encourage the elimination of single use water bottles and single use cups when dining in by providing jugs and glasses for drinking

  • eliminate all polystyrene packaging and switch to compostable takeaway containers

  • compost food scraps and coffee grounds where possible

Not limited to cafes, restaurants and eateries, but any business trying to make a difference, either supplying a product or making changes to support sustainable solutions.

SO Shire businesses making a difference:


Join a growing local community in the share of bulk buying healthy, organic whole foods and household items - we run several group buys for fresh foods, pantry and household staples monthly

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The home of beautiful food.

For years we have been striving to change our practices to be as sustainable as possible, reducing waste generated by single use packaging, and plastic pollution where ever possible. We are also trying to change the habits of our suppliers, or whenever possible choose suppliers who are also trying to minimise their footprint.

Jannali and Caringbah

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Stainless steel drink bottles

We are on a mission to create change and make a difference. Every reusable bottle that replaces a plastic bottle contributes towards a healthier environment.


Organic bulk whole foods

Ph: (02) 9523 7625
Address: Shop 1, 62-64 Cronulla Street,

Cronulla NSW 2230

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Honest, healthy, wholesome, sustainable cafe.

Also offering a selection of reusable products.

Ph: (02) 9531 8052


Address: 88 Cawarra Road,

Caringbah NSW 2229

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If you'd like to become a SO Shire business or just want to say hello, fill out the contact form and we'll get back to you shortly.

Thanks! Message sent.

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