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Live Show Recording
So Shire and Project Youth podcast

@so_shire is honoured to collaborate with Project Youth , the organisation helps our young people deal with and get through difficult situations through early intervention programs, offers housing support, education and training as well as employment placement opportunities for young people aged between 12-24. Last year they helped 7267 young people to be connected, safe , achieving and healthy.


 @shirepod #beantherepodcast we recorded live in July at @cafeyinc


Cafe Y and Label Y offer opportunities for young people to be supported in times of crisis, family violence, mental health or homelessness.  This episode was dedicated to our future generations.


Karen, Training Education and Employment Manager, joins us at 24 minutes sharing the success and challenges of Cafe Y and Label Y and how you can support the Project Youth Initiatives.  During this conversation we also talk to Justin, a youth worker and hear Natasha's story. Tash is a client of Project Youth who has gone on to carve out a hospitality career because of the commitment of Project Youth following displacement from her home at the age of 16. 


After Sarah-Jo from #soshire and #PlasticFreeSutherlandShire chatted about the @greencaffeen cup swap system for cafes and the Project Y sustainable garden training program  taking shape  that will supply the cafe (and other ideas for recycling and sustainability, Plastic Free July) Tash showed us her skills in multiple #contactless pours ! 


See our socials for podcast highlights and contactless pour skills three different types of reusable cups ! 



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