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Meet the team

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We are a collective of local Shire residents and business owners working together to educate and provide alternatives and eco-solutions.

Volunteering much of our time and expertise to create a sustainable Sutherland Shire.

Our common and core passion is to protect our local environment.

We love to collaborate and partner with local organisations and affiliated groups in the Shire.

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Brett Lobwein

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Brett Lobwein is a passionate environmentally minded underwater photographer that grew up on the waterways of the Port Hacking River. His love for the water grew into a love for all the things that call the ocean home. The love has driven Brett to take action and ensure we protect our environment especially in our stunning backyard. 


Corinne Flannery

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Having grown up in the Sutherland Shire, being surrounded by the bush, waterways and Royal National Park, Corinne's journey began with the fight on single use items. Disheartened by the amount of plastic straws, disposable coffee cups, bottled water and plastic bags disposed of in the environment, it was time to get involved and spread the word to protect our environment and children's future.


Laura Croxson

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Laura's passion for the environment and our planet has always existed, but then the War on Waste TV series really opened her eyes to how much damage we have done to our planet and it was time to take some action in our beautiful Sutherland Shire community. Firstly by researching and making sustainable changes in her own family unit, followed by community and school events to educate and help others on their own war on waste journey. 


Passionate about helping others to make realistic and impactful changes and teaching our children sustainable ways of living and reducing waste... after all they will be the big change makers in our world!

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Sarah-Jo Lobwein

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Armed with degrees and backgrounds in Marine Science
and secondary Science education, Sarah-Jo Lobwein is a passionate conservation educator and science communicator involved in multiple projects at any one time. 

This includes freelancing as Ocean Tidings running litter-reduction and marine-focused STEM educational programs, activities and presentations for local schools, tertiary institutions and the general public; science and ecotourism journalism (including a feature writer for Ocean Geographic and Diveplanit online and print publications) and instigating several community and social media initiatives (check out #swapforthesea #rejectedasingle and #pickedupasingle #plasticfreesutherlandshire to name a few) and the promotion of ocean positive initiatives to increase the sustainable practices of  businesses and individuals in her local area.


Sean Flannery

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Growing up on Sydney's coastline and spending most of his time at the beach, unfortunately he saw first hand the amount of plastic rubbish left around our environment.

From bay clean ups to beach clean ups, the journey continues to encourage and promote the reduce/reuse/recycle idea both within his family life and also his business. Carefully selecting as many reusable or sustainable options as possible.


Sophie French

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Completing her Sustainability Bachelor’s degree in Western Australia, Sophie now happily lives in the Sutherland Shire and has always had a strong respect and admiration for the natural environment and how people interact within the environment. A huge advocate for community Sustainability, Sophie’s major in Sustainable Community Development together with a background in Psychology, gives her a deeper understanding of Social sustainability and how people are both the problem AND the solution. Often found admiring natural beauty wherever she goes, Sophie is always striving to communicate the message of Sustainability, joining arms with local initiatives and brands. Though armed with the academic knowledge and over 10 years of volunteer experience for a variety of Australian campaigns, Sophie’s strengths are namely creative and innovative, as someone who enjoys graphic resource creation as well as people-centred work for sustainable organisations.

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