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Our very own Sarah-Jo chatting about Recycle Smart - recycling made easy.

Separate your Recycling streams (to avoid contamination so that the items are more likely to be recycled) and have them picked up from your front door!


FYI these are those items that can't go in your council Recycling curbside collection .


I use RecycleSmart for contactless pick up of soft plastics, and the pesky polystyrene that sometimes we unfortunately get still in some deliveries. 


Collecting your recycling for a pick up is also a great way to start to see just how much you use, and begin to comprehend your personal consumption of products and packaging,  to start to reduce. 


In places like Belgium, You pay for your waste disposal per bag, and landfill bags are not only more expensive, You are fined if you contaminate the Recycling pick up .... 


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If you live in Sutherland Shire Council area and have clothes in good condition, soft plastics , e-waste , batteries or polystyrene to be recycled they can be picked up from your front door. 

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